Who We Are

We are the Windsor General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

The IWW believes in solidarity unionism, we don’t have a bunch of highly paid union executives making decisions on behalf of the workers they are supposed to represent. It is the workers themselves who control our union. The IWW is in fact so skeptical of people in power we abolished our own position of president in 1907 to avoid any one person have too much power. The IWW doesn’t give members dues to or endorse any political party or ideology either.

We also believe in minority unionism. That means that we don’t need permission — from our bosses or any other party — to talk to our co-workers, get organized, and make changes at our job.  We rely on worker solidarity to get the job done, not the courts, not outside organizers, and certainly not our bosses.

The IWW is open to all workers in any workplace (as well as the unemployed). We hope to work together to build a better world and improve the conditions of our labour one step at a time. It is only by solidarity that this can be done. We all need to stick together as workers and stand up for each other in order to maintain the gains we as a labour movement have won over the years.


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