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Circus School Performers Organize!


Instructors at the Windsor Circus School have joined the IWW and begun organizing around issues faced in the workplace. They held an information picket at the circus school on Sunday May 12th in order to inform the public about issues they are facing. The action brought a ton of support from both the circus community as well as the broader Windsor community as a whole. The Windsor IWW stands with all workers who earn their living through performance and entertainment and calls on all workers to organize to help put an end to the “Experience” economy.

1500 Job losses at Chrysler Windsor Assembly Plant

2e79305fbe59aa7dc76324f3b68144ea.gifWith the recent announcement of the loss of the third shift at the Windsor Assembly Plant it is becoming ever more apparent that politicians and bosses will not be the ones to save us from this capitalist nightmare we have been living in.

It is up to rank-and-file workers on the shop floors to win the coming battles. At the end of the day it is these workers who hold the power. Not politicians, not bosses, and not union bureaucrats. It is the workers themselves who built this community, and it is the workers themselves who will build a new and better one. We can no longer rely on the post-war compromise between the government, labour, and capital. The other two parts of this equation have long ago abandoned working people in favour of profits. It is up to working people to win the victories themselves going forward; no one will give us a damn thing.

We can no longer piggyback off the victories of the past. The future will be written by what we do today. We don’t have the luxury of sitting by and waiting. Its now time to fight! These 1500 job losses will not stop there. There will be thousands of other jobs cut at feeder plants and suppliers, not to mention the losses as a result of the downturn in the economy. This fight isn’t about just one plant. This is a fight for our very community. You need to ask yourself this simple question:

Which side are you on?


If you are interested in organizing a rank-and-file Autoworkers movement please contact us at windsoriww@gmail.com

Mobile Rail Workers Win NLRB Election!

From the Chicago IWW
Thursday August 15th 2013: Mobile Rail Workers Union win the NLRB Election 17 -5! The Margin is so wide that the 3 contested ballots were not needed! Now the employer has 7 days to challenge the results. After the 7 days IWW Chicago General Membership Branch becomes the certified bargaining Unit for Mobile Rail Solution’s Employees!

Join the IWW!

walmart demoThe Windsor General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World is actively organizing new members. If you’re interested in joining, please contact a delegate at windsoriww@gmail.com.


Star Ticket Workers Union Wins Election!!!

Star Ticket Workers Union Wins Election!!!

The Windsor IWW would like to congratulate the Star Ticket Workers Union on their success in the face of harsh repression from management. We are one step closer to building the One Big Union!

General Membership Meeting, Tues. Nov. 6

Reminder that the next branch general meeting is Tuesday, November 6th, 7pm, at the Windsor Workers’ Action Centre (328 Pelissier St.). If you’re new to the IWW, or would like to get involved, there will be an orientation at 6pm if you can make it. We’ll be starting the meeting promptly at 7pm.

General Membership Meeting, Tues. Oct. 2nd

Reminder that the next branch general meeting is Tuesday, October 2nd, 7pm, at the Windsor Workers’ Action Centre (328 Pelissier). If you’re new to the IWW, or would like to get involved, there will be an orientation at 6pm if you can make it. As was discussed at the last meeting, we’ll be starting  promptly at 7pm.

Registration for Organizer Training now closed

Hey Fellow Workers,

We have had a tremendous response to to organizer training with a huge number of people registering. With the training less than two weeks away we are now closing the registration form.

If you still wish to attend the training please email us at windsoriww@gmail.com and we will try and accommodate you the best we can.

In Solidarity,

Organizer Training Committee

Windsor IWW Organizer Training 101

The Windsor Industrial Workers of the World will be holding an organizer training the weekend of Sept 8-9. This training is a crash course in direct action and solidarity unionism which will help you develop your skills as an organizer.You will learn useful skills like building an organizing committee, talking to co-workers, fighting employee apathy/fears, countering an anti-union campaign, and much much more.

This training is open to everyone, not just IWW members!

Location: University of Windsor, Odette building, Room 108